Monday, April 12, 2010

Pink Tights

XXXYYYZZZ(cool name, eh?) contacted me through MM to get a TFP shoot. What the heck - what else am I doing? I was glad to see Danny responding to my invitation to shoot together and having another photographer at this impromptu shoot was endlessly more fun! I just like having fun people around! :)

The shoot started off roughly since the model...well let's say that the girl lacked any acting skills what so ever. I know it's not a good think to bad mouth people but this is just my honest opinion and... heck I have 2 people to back me up on this...
I must admit that some are not born to be models... anybody else BUT a model. The girl was just a flailing corpse at least until she got so hungry and so cold that she had nothing left but to genuinely look this way, which gave some positive results. Of course this is why you test your models - so you can have a particular model for a particular concept in the future. I realized that when 'll need a dead body present in the frame, I know which girl I am gonna call LOL :)

On the technical side:
The tree shot has a 580X II (thank you, Danny) as a rim, which was also triggering the Elinchrom Ranger with my trusty deep octa. It has been a while since I have used a small strobe and I totally forgot how to use those :)
The absence of the sun cut this shoot short (cold and dark) so we ended up not really shooting for as long as I expected. in fact I only shot 91 frames. At least the model made it easy to choose from because I have never had such a low keeper rate lolol :)
(ok enough is enough, she is a very sweet girl)

Processing wise.
Minimal skin retouching, reducing the red channel in skin, mask, darkening the sky (I broke my ND filter so I just emulated the effect. A little but of contrast on the tree shot, skin, red channel desaturation, a little bit messing around with the tree leafs. that's about it.


  1. well, to whoever was thinking about going but didnt... have to admit, you missed out :-p Definitely some fun times!!!!

    Got to debunk one small myth... he's not always bitter and unhappy :-p Quite the opposite!

    I definitely got a lot out of this shoot, that's for sure. Apparently, small strobes DO play nicely with the Ranger!!!

  2. thank you for ruining my reputation! lol :))